About Us


Our vision is to create opportunities for learners to acquire life skills and shape a generation of enlightened individuals, who can contribute to a better world in 21st century.

To empower childrenwith multi-faceted skill sets including communication,logical and reasoning abilities to help them rise to the challenge of the connected world.


Our school is committed

  • To provide quality education at an affordable cost.
  • To promote intellectual, social and cultural ethos among the learners that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace.
  • To provide a stress-free learning environment with an emphasis to holistic development of learners.

About School

Our Karmad campus is spread over 5-acre of sprawling green land,which symbolise the spirit of Chaitanya valley international school.

A great campus, vast open space to let little minds run free and explore & a name in this field means just one thing : Education for tomorrow and beyond. There is abundant knewledge is the empowering tool to reach for excellence in anything we choose to do. Its time to welcome and establish the culture of Excellence with Chaitanya valley international school.

At the Chaitanya Valley International School, education is not only about learning Science, Methematics, History or the languages, but also about developing awareness about one's self. We aim to empower children through evolved education. This means a whole new approach to learning that combines the best in methodology and experienced faculty.

Message From Management

We take pride in stating that Chaitanya Valley international School has been successful in providing true to words Willa A. Foster.

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

Therefore, At Chaitanya, we have created a unique blend of world-class curriculum, contemporary teaching methodologies, and equal focus on intellectual, physical and personality development, resulting future leaders who are ready to take on the world. These influencers have combined their strengths to ensure that your child receives nothing but the highest quality of academic mentoring, focused guidance and enriched all-round development.

An institution built on the dream to honor young people by giving them an environment to grow intellectually, artistically, athletically and morally.

The world today is a global village and people are its citizens. As the boundaries of location, people and time cease to exist, it is of utmost important that we move with the times.

All those who have chosen to be the part of Chaitanya Valley international School. must stay assured of virtual Honesty, Integrity and Dedication.

From Principal's Desk

Every child is unique and special. Education is a process that should help him/her discover that uniqueness. We, at Chaitanya Valley, aim at transforming lives by instilling 21st century skills and inspiring lifelong learning in every student. Our value based approach ensures that our students become competent in a holistic sense.

"By education. I mean an all round drawing of best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.." Mahatma Gandhi.

The role of the education is to bring out the nobility and maximize the potential of every child through a carefully planned, warm and caring environment that addresses all the aspects of a child's development : Body, Mind .1-leart and spirit.

CVIS believe that a good education system when combined with good health and wellness education. Promotes proactive lifestyle and healthy youth, hence healthy nation.

I want to create an extremely effective school that not only produces very high level of student achievement. But also helps train the next generation of teachers.

Let's pledge to work together to take our school to further heights of excellence. 'I believe that when we dream together, it is the beginning of reality'. Wishing you a happy and wonderful school year ahead.

Foundation of wisdom with intelligence, energy and inspiration..