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Sports club is special feature of, CHAITANYA

At Chaitanya,we have Health and Wellness club.It creates awareness about healthy leaving.Sports club is special feature of Chaitanya.It helps develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Kids develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness.Children learn to be confident on the field.

It's develop positive attitude and motivation among learners. Students gains concentration in learning. They can also manage their emotions,Anxiety. It develops the habit of working hard for higher goals and commitments.

High Lights Of The Curriculum

Developing Strong Curriculum, Pedagogy and content resources to reflect next-generation learning objectives. A range of learning opportunities towards holistic development of child.

  • Strong Academics and Activity based Learning
  • Strong Academics and Activity based Learning
  • Trained teachers(Training programmes by Bangalore-Team)
  • Procedures to assess weak areas & Remedial classes.
  • Counseling Sessions by special educators
  • Fully-equipped Computer Lab and Language Lab
  • Science Lab, Mathematics Lab Activities
  • Parents Teacher Meetings(Coffee Mornings with Parents)
  • CCTV
  • Library
  • Child Safety Committee
  • Outdoor Sport
  • Indoor Games
  • Yoga and HPE(Health and Physica Education)
  • Field Trips
  • Club Activity


A Yoga program for pre-primary and above which is uplifting, mind expanding and happy way for children to build strength, spirit and Self-esteem.

This program is about exploring & learning in a fun, safe and playful way while supporting the development of the whole child.

Introducing this ancient art which is based on breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It also helps to improve health and happiness of body and mind.

Co-Curricular Activities

Our curricular programmes are designed to develop our Students to be dynamic, future ready individuals who not only live up to the school values of Respects for Self and others, Integrity: Our Way of Life, Passion for Learning and Excellence : Our Pursuit, but also have capacity to excel.

The events of the school are never complete without the artistic input of teachers, parents and students working together, be it stage aesthetics, the school boards, making of props or decorating the school premises. There is always a new perspective, a new dimension, a new approach…. a treat for the eyes!

Activity Include

  • Worksheets
  • Concept taught using 8 different techniques
  • Story telling/Action sons/Rhymes using puppets
  • Multi-disciplinary inputs include dance, music etc.
  • Emphasis on developing social skills and manners
  • Outdoor project work or Field trips
  • Celebrating and bringing awareness of the important festivals
  • Color days, Go Green, Health and Wellness day, annual day, Sports day and many more celebrations.

Chaitanya Valley develops habit of working hard for higher goals and commitments...