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Co-Scholastic Activity

Co-Scholastic and Extra-Curricular Activities 2020-21


Co-scholastic activities and academics, complement each other and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student. Students who are involved in extra-curricular pursuits, tend to improve their academic grades due to increased self-esteem, motivation and better time management.
At Chaitanya our co-curricular activity yearly plan is designed to complement academics and provide students with various platforms to showcase their efforts and talent.
Activity based learning is the key to develop interest and understanding among students.

SR.No Name of the Member Designation Occupation
1 Mrs Sheetal S D Chairman Principal
2. Mrs .Pradnya Koranne Vice-chairman Vice-principal
3. Ms. Poonam Rani Teachers Rep Middle school Co-ordinator
4. Mr.Gajanan Rasve Teacher Rep Middle school teacher
5. Ms. Seema kale Teachers Rep Primary teacher
6. Ms. Sanchita Chowdhury Teachers Rep Pre-Primary teacher

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